Say Goodbye to Dirty Oven Racks! Here’s an Easy Way to Clean Them

Flip it!

Face it, your oven is filthy—but there’s no need to be ashamed. It seems like every time you use it some new spill or stain forms and slowly bakes into that once-pristine enameled surface.

Luckily, most ovens include self-cleaning modes that can wipe away all that sticky grease and crusty residue. Even manual cleaning can be made easier with proper maintenance and the right cleaning products.

So are you ready to say goodbye to all that grime? First you need to take stock of your options. Not all ovens are alike, so be sure to check your owner’s manual to see what kinds of self-cleaning settings are available to you, as well as what the manufacturer recommends. With that in mind, here’s the lowdown on the three most popular ways to clean an oven.

Cleaning the oven rack
Oven rack is another thing which gets dirty way too often. Here I am discussing a sure-shot method which would help you in cleaning an oven rack easily.

Things you need

Clean towel
Got water
Dishwashing liquid
Soft sponge

Steps to follow

Keep your oven rack in a tub: Just as we kept the oven tray in a tub. Repeat the process.
Pour hot water on the tub: Once you have kept the oven tray in the tub, pour hot water over it such that the whole tray is immersed properly.
Use dishwashing liquid: Add a half cup of dishwashing liquid in the tub and let it settle down there for a few minutes.
Scrub it off: Once the tray has soaked the mixture perfectly, scrub it off with a soft sponge.
Let it dry: Let the tray dry and you are done!

Additional tips

Do not insert the rack back into the oven until is dried completely.

Hacks for special situation

I have tried to explain the non-chemical chemical cleaning procedures for the major parts of your oven. However, if you are facing more issues, here are my two-cents:

For spotty oven door: Our oven door often gets stained with food items and greasy hands. I have covered the detailed procedure to clean spotty oven doors here.
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