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My family & friends loved this. I didn’t exactly follow the recipe though. I put my own twist on it and it turned out better than I would’ve thought. I used 1 can of cream of cheddar, 1 can of cream of mushroom, and 1 can of cream of chicken. I added 1/2 cup of milk, 2 teaspoons of garlic powder, a bit of mrs. dash, and 1 tablespoon of curry. Then after it cooked on low for 5-6 hours I added a bag of frozen veggies (broccoli, califlower, & carrots). I let it cook for another 1/2 hour on low and it was fabulous. We had it over rice. My friends all asked for the recipe.

This was a big hit! I used 4 chicken breasts, 2 cans of cheddar soup, 1 can of cream of chicken, 1/2 cup milk. I seasoned the chicken breasts with garlic and italian seasoning, then dumped the soup & milk mixture on top. I cooked on low all day (about 7 hours) and it was PERFECT! I served it over brown rice that I cooked with chicken broth instead of water, and even my 19-month-old loved it! She had seconds! I will use the leftover sauce and rice to make enchiladas tomorrow!

Sorry this is lengthy, but this was a great starter recipe as other have said. I followed the recipe but added Italian seasoning, parsley, Mrs. Dash, and a handful or two of cheddar cheese. The dumplings I did was my mothers recipe, for 4/5 drop dumplings I did 1 cup flour,1tsp baking soda, dash salt, dash sugar and enough water to make it sticky. Dropped them in the crock pot 30-45 minutes before dinner. right before we ate I topped with a little more cheese. It was creamy and smelled SO good. Made this way, my husband LOVED it and he’s not a big fan of dumplings. Growing up with this dish I would have to say this was one of the best recipes, and it’s REALLY easy!

I’ve made this for a long time, with the following change: I mix 1 can Cheddar Cheese soup with 2 cans Cream of Chicken soup. Then just pour over the 6 chicken breasts and cook over low heat all day. Shred at the end and serve over rice. YUM!

When you work all day the last thing you want to think about when you walk in the front door is……..what am I going to fix my family for dinner? It is rare that the 4 of us agree on new recipes, but this one was a big hit for all of us. I will make it again and again. I even shared the recipe with the girls at work and their families enjoyed it just as much!

This is sooo yummy! I changed it a bit. I added one can of Cheddar cheese soup and two cans of cream of chicken soup. I omitted the milk and added water. After I cooked the sauce with the chicken for 6 hours, I shredded the chicken, dumped in a can of green beans and a box of stuffing mix. I cooked all of it together for 30 mins…. It is delicious!!!


4 chicken breasts
8 oz cream cheese
1 tbsp olive oil
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