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This cake is delicious and simple to make! Two tips:#1: Have your frosting ingredients set out and ready to go. After stirring in the powdered sugar, DO work quickly to spread it on the cake. It does become like fudge consistency as it cools. #2 If you have not checked to see how to level your oven is, you may want to do that before you start.

An unlevel surface does show alot on a sheet cake. Wonderful recipe!! You won’t be disappointed!! Thanks!!!!!!!

Yeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaa! My native Texan hubby, as well as the rest of our family, LOVE this cake! We baked this in a 9 x 13 metal pan for 22 minutes – perfection! This was super easy to make. Make sure that you prepare the icing when you are able to put on the cake while it is still warm, preferably right out of the oven.

The icing gets stiff fast so the warm cake helps it spread. My family also loves to pair this up with vanilla ice cream. Being from San Antonio where pecan trees are in the back yard, we only make this with pecans, not walnuts. If you are one to worry about calories and fat content this recipe isn’t for you, enjoy! 😉


Cake ingredients:
1 cup water
½ cup butter
⅓ cup unsweetened cocoa powder

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