Skip The Pie And Make These BETTER Bars Instead!

Flip it!

Who doesn’t like pecan pie, right? It is a staple in my family’s holiday menu, for sure – or at least it used to be until I decided to try making pecan pie bars a few years ago. A friend of mine had tried them and said they were the best thing ever created. I thought she was exaggerating a little bit but I still decided to have a taste.

Good heavens, when I had my first bite! That beautifully caramelized pecan filling was so amazing, I thought I might just faint. That was when I decided we would only have pecan pie if someone specifically asked for it. Otherwise; pecan pie bars it is!

I think this is going to be our 5th year in a row when no-one in the family has asked for the pie. They are all crazy about these bars! In my opinion this is a much easier way to make and serve dessert. I like to serve these bars with a dollop of whipped cream, or sometimes with a scoop of ice cream on the side. Yum!

I know you’re going to want to dig in as soon as this stuff comes out of the oven – it smells absolutely divine!
But please, try to wait until it has cooled completely, before cutting it into bars. Otherwise you’re just going to make a sloppy mess. Althgouth, personally I wouldn’t care if I had to spoon these into my mouth from a bowl… I know it would taste just as delicious anyway! And that filling? I could have it alone for breakfast, it is that good. You’ll know what I’m talking about, once you give these a try yourself!



1 cup Gold Medal all-purpose flour

1/3 cup Domino brown sugar
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