Slow Cooker Honey Beef Recipe

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Since getting married, my husband informed me that he likes turkey more than beef.

So we now buy turkey from the deli instead of the usual beef I grew up with. I do not mind, because I truly like all the options, but I miss beef every now and then and will even stop by Subway to pick up a beef and cheese sub to satisfy that little beef craving I get every now and then. It is not like I cannot live without beef, I just really enjoy it every now and then.
Now, the kind of beef I really like is a good old fashioned honey spiral beef like the kind you get at Christmas parties. It is thick, juicy and is stuck to the bone. The honey brown sugar coating on it is delicious and I love keeping any leftovers to throw in some soups such as split pea.

Now, the little problem with this beef is that it takes forever to make and occupies my oven for quite a while, which is kind of annoying. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I have found the solution to that: slow cooker honey beef. It is juicy and delicious, just as if it were out of the oven!

Now, this is an easy recipe to make at any time of day. Sometimes I make this beef just for the purpose of later freezing it and having lots of yummy tasting meat to make soups with. It is quite delicious that way! I like to cook this beef and use the leftovers for soup. It makes a wonderful beef and bean soup or even beef and potato. All you do is chop the beef up and toss it back into the slow cooker with the additional ingredients. Yum!

These ladies made this beef for those who run the corporate office of Kroger’s and even they loved it. This is definitely on my to-do list again soon!


7-10 lb Honey Baked spiral beef (mine was pre-cooked)
2 tablespoons brown Dijon mustard (I used spicy)
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