State Fair Funnel Cakes

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Awesome, just like the fair! I used a cheap little plastic squeeze bottle with the tip cut off so it was wider to dispense the batter into the oil. It worked perfectly! ! Kids loved it! !

Works great!. I added cinnamon to the mixture,after it was cooked i also sprinkled it with a hint of cinnamon and icing sugar.

One year we went to our local town festival with family from out of town. After we returned home from the festival I made the County Fair Funnel Cakes. Everyone thought they tasted just like funnel cakes from a fair.

This recipe was so easy to make! I used soy milk and added vanilla to the recipe. I have a daughter that is allergic to Dairy. Her allergy makes it hard to find things for her to eat at our county fair. She has two older sisters so she always wants to eat the same as them. This recipe made it possible for me to give her the same as her sisters.

Amazing! Needed more milk because it was too thick. Also, be warned, makes a ton of funnel cakes! I made 20+ easy! Simple, easy recipe that’s amazingly perfect! 🙂

Delicious and easy… I halved the recipe and it was MORE than enough for my family of five… Will absolutely make this again!!!

This State Fair staple of deep-fried batter is spongy and crisp and covered with pillowy drifts of light-as-air powdered sugar…can it get any better than this.


3 large EGGS
1/4 cup Sugar
2 cups milk
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