In Today’s News, Putting Strawberries Into Salt Water Makes Tiny Bugs Come Out Of Them

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When we purchase fresh produce from the grocery store, it’s common to give them a quick rinse under tap water and toss them in the fridge. Some folks may even skip washing them altogether. However, recent revelations from TikTok users have shed light on an eye-opening practice to ensure these juicy berries are thoroughly cleaned.

A viral trend on TikTok has captured the attention of many, as users demonstrate a unique technique to cleanse strawberries by submerging them in salt water. The process is surprisingly simple yet yields shocking results. All you need is a bowl filled with water and salt. After dissolving the salt, immerse the strawberries in the solution. While the duration of soaking can vary, some users recommend leaving the berries in the salt water for up to an hour, while others find five minutes to be sufficient.

Now, here’s where things get unsettling – once the designated time has passed, it’s time to inspect the bowl. Brace yourself, as you might witness the appearance of tiny bugs that have been coaxed out of the strawberries due to the salt. Yes, you read that right – bugs! It’s undoubtedly a cringe-worthy sight that has left many people astonished and perhaps a little queasy.

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