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Great stuff but made some adjustments (just trust me on this…the result is great!!). In addition to the chicken, I added 8oz shell noodles, cooked. For the sauce mix, I added 1/4 cup sour cream and 1 can cream of chicken and instead of water chesnuts, I added a jar of diced pimentos. The increase in the “substance” required me to increase in a sauce to prevent dryness! This is almost like a recipe my mom used to make and the addition of noodles/sauce allows it to go a long way! I have served this to my boyfriends family(not kidding, they ONLY eat meat and potatoes) and they grudgingly had to admit that they loved this too and she even requested the recipe (my jaw is still on the ground). Thanks for helping me find a lost recipe…even though I had to make some changes!!

Very good. Been using it as a guide for years. I omit the mushrooms and add a can of cream of chicken soup (reduced fat). I use more onion and cheese (reduced fat). For the mayo, I use reduced fat here also but usually add some milk now. Most of the time I shred the chicken instead of cubing it. Hubby insists that I add pepper also. I used to always do the crushed potato chips on top, but here recently I have been putting crushed butter crackers on top as we have tried to start eating healthier.

SOOO Good. Had to make it a little simplier though… Here are my changes: 2 cans tyson chicken breast meat, no water chestnuts, sub 1 can of cream of chicken and mushroom soup for the mushrooms and mayo, 1/2 tsp dried minced onions instead of grated onion. I did chop my celery though….. Great easy recipe that makes the house smell awesome!

This was excellent, I did add a small amount of cooked shell noodles. The water chestnuts add such a nice crunch. I am not a Mayo fan, so I did use Miracle Whip instead.

This is a keeper! My husband loved it. My picky kids (ages 1 &3) opted for chicken fingers, but that goes for most every meal at our house. I love this recipe. It would be good to double and serve to a group of people or make for a potluck. It’s fairly simple, and I have made it ahead and put it in the frig for dinner. My Pampered Chef food chopper chopped the chicken up really small, and I liked the texture of the casserole that way. I highly recommend this one!

My kids are 16 and 12 and absolutely loved this recipe. I’ll definitely be making it again in the future. I seasoned the chicken quite a bit — was very good!

What a find! This is absolutely one of the best casseroles I have made. I would double the batch so you could freeze one. We don’t ever seem to have any leftovers since everyone goes back for seconds.

This was SO good! I didn’t have any potato chips so I used tostitos instead and it turned out excellent! If you do this, add less or no salt! I also added extra cheese. This is now a regular meal at our house, and I now add different veggies to it too!


3 cups cubed, cooked chicken breast
1 cup sliced celery
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