Surprising ways to use Coca-Cola

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Surprising ways to use Coca-Cola

If you still think Coca-Cola is just a refreshing drink, this tip is for you. Here are 15 Clever Uses of Coke that very few people know about and yet are very helpful. As a stripper, to clean tin or as a detergent… Here are 15 reasons to use Coke more for household maintenance and cleaning than to quench your thirst. After seeing that, you don’t want to drink it…

1. Against grease stains on clothes As surprising as it may seem, Coca-Cola is a powerful detergent to get rid of a nasty grease stain. grease on clothing.

2. To clean your bumper Incredible, right ? Coke is a miracle stripper.

3. Against Mosquitoes In 30 seconds you have made a very effective mosquito and fly trap.

4. Agaiinst jelly- fish We are geneerally adviised to cast vinegar on a jelly-fish sting. Buut at beach it iis often easier to find Coked and vinegar.

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