Sweet Baby Ray’s Crockpot Chicken

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A little spicy barbeque chicken that simmers all day in the slow cooker. Super easy preparation.

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This recipe is awesome! It IS a little spicy for those who don’t usually enjoy ‘eating the heat’, but it’s GOOD! You can cut it to a 1/2 tsp. The first time I made it, it was so tender that it started to come apart in the pot..that’s a good thing! First, I put some sauce in the bottom, then chicken, then the rest of the sauce..an hour on high, then I turn it down to low for another four hours..when the times up and it started to come apart an idea hit me..duhhh!! Shred it! So, this is what we’re having today..Sweet Baby Rays jerk chicken on Hawaiian rolls…mmmmmmm…it’s so good!

Honestly I have no idea how something so simply can taste so wonderful! I found some chicken thighs on sale and wasn’t quite sure what to do with them. Came across this recipe and followed as posted. As soon as I took the first bite, I knew that I was taking a plate for lunch the next day. The flavor was amazing! I read some of the comments about the watery sauce, that didn’t bother us as we were going for the bbq flavor and not the actually sauce itself. Although I would recommend if it’s too watery to pour some sauce on top of the chicken once out the crock pot and maybe even crisp it in the oven… My boyfriend, who for some some strange reason is obsessed with Gold Carrol’s bbq chicken, told me this recipe was 10x better than G.C.’s… In this household trust me that’s a compliment! (Everything I make is compared to them). This will be my go to for indoor bbq chicken!

I used frozen chicken breasts – cooked on high for one hour turned down to low for 3 hours. Added a tablespoon of honey. I was very nervous about the vinegar but it cooked down. The red pepper flakes gave it a little spice with the sweet. Excellent! Next time I will place the chicken on the grill to crisp it up. Excellent recipe!

I did something different. I added fresh chopped sweet onions & fresh garlic with white wine. Removed powder onion. Let that Simmer for 1 hour. Then added the rest of the ingredients. I removed distilled white vinegar and added apple cider vinegar instead in slow cooker. Once they are mixed, added chicken thighs with no skin and with bone. Turned heat to Low. Oh Boy! my house smells good.

Everyone loved it! I used regular chicken and the meat fell right off the bones! I didn’t have red pepper flakes but it still came out delicious!

I didn’t mix the ingredients together in a bowl (to save a dish), just poured them on top of the chicken breasts and mixed them around with the chicken breasts as they cooked. I used two enormous frozen chicken breasts and they were done in less than six hours, so I don’t think the cooking time is accurate. As for the problem with the sauce being watery, I noticed that and solved it by cracking the lid on the crock pot (about 1″ or so) for the last hr. they cooked, turning them once, so the sauce could reduce and carmelize a bit. They were delicious, but next time I think I’ll add more chicken, because there was a lot of sauce. Served it with garlic butter rice and corn, and it was a big hit with the kids! I just hope my crock pot comes clean after soaking all day and night.


4-6 chicken breasts, boneless and skinless
1 bottle sweet baby ray’s bbq sauce
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