Chocolate Sweet Lasagna

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Love making this! It’s super easy and always a big hit. I’ve made it for many different events over the last few years and people always seem to love it 🙂

The chocolate lasagna was a big hit! With both kids & adults. Have to make 2 so can send home one for the grandkids. Will try adding chocolate pieces to the filling next time.

Loved this recipe. I won first prize with this at the church cook off. It is going to become one of my “go too” pot luck recipes.

I got this recipe from a family member and it has been a favorite since. It is so simple to make, but is definitely a crowd-pleaser! With the majority of the ingredients being fat-free, it is one that you make and not feel guilty about serving. My kids ask me to make it every time we go to any type of gathering, and when I bring it everyone says they love it.

I love this alot! I’m only 16 but I love creating stuff, and I made this for thanksgiving. Thank you to the person who posted this and to the person who told the person the recipe.

Much like Sex In A Pan -minus the Choc. chips & a different crust. But just as good! prefer Not to use the Choc. Chips though-too much chewing for me. I like cookie crumbs better because I can chew them better. (Oreos or Famous Choc, Wafers)

I made this last night for the family and it was heavenly! The ONLY thing I would change is the amount of butter to be mixed with the oreos for the crust, I would add a little extra as with 6 tbls it does come out a little dry and doesn’t set as well. Other then that it was delicious! Will definitely make again.


1 package Oreo cookies, 36 cookies
6 Tbs butter, melted
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