T.G.I. Friday’s® Jack Daniels® Sauce

Flip it!

I liked the taste of the sauce. I let it cook down for an hour and it was still very thin. It was very good brushed on the chicken I made.We tried the Jack Daniels Chicken at TGIFridays and fell in love with the sauce. This recipe is very close to their version and VERY delicious!

I doubled this recipe making it exact. It was delicious! and very close to Friday’s JD glaze. Others said to omit the onions, but if you use the minced (dried) onions per the recipe, it is an ingredient you do not want to omit. Mine did not thicken as I wanted, but that is probably due to not being patient enough to continue the stirring during the thickening process and I was afraid to burn it. We baked salmon in the oven and put the glaze on it towards the end of baking. Delicious! The leftover glaze for dinner tonight, is now thickened from being in the the fridge overnight and will be put on grilled chicken.

Love this recipe! Never made it once as written. Good jumping off point, though!

I’ve been making this for a few years and this is where I got the recipe and what I use, except for a slight alteration. I change the amount of crushed pineapple from one tablespoon to three. The pineapple gives it a distinct texture that we really like. Our favorite use for this might be surprising. We use this for grilled burgers the most. I spoon the sauce over each burger after the flip. Through trial and error I have found that it burns too easily to let it be in direct contact with the heat source, charcoal in our case. Whether or not this is the original recipe put out in the 70’s by Jack Daniel’s, I don’t know. But we can’t tell the difference in this and what they have at Friday’s.


1 head garlic
1 tablespoon olive oil

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