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Everyone loved this! It was the only dish to get emptied this Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing the recipe for a well-remembered and well-loved dish from my childhood.

VERY GOOD! I made this yesterday for our Thanksgiving (I’m from Canada) dinner. I cut the recipe down a little as we didn’t have that big of a group. Instead of creamed corn (I didn’t have any) I used canned crisp sweet corn and added half a can of milk to make it “creamed”. I used 1 egg, and halved the rest of the recipe. Came out perfect. My husband said it is now his favorite way to eat corn

Delicious! The best scalloped corn I’ve ever made. I used 2 cans of creamed corn and 1 can of whole corn. I made this for Christmas dinner and everyone loved it! I used crushed Ritz crackers instead of saltines and it had a more flavorful taste plus added 1/4 cup of finely chopped red onions which added more flavor too. I also added 1/4 cup parmesan cheese to the cracker crumb mixture for the topping. I will make this over and over again! Thanks for the great recipe.

Excellent! Just how I remember it. I did make a minor adjustment though. In place of the canned cream corn, I used the recipe for “Marian’s Creamed Corn” found on this website (I omitted the bread crumbs and 3tbsp. butter from that recipe). Thank you so much for sharing this great old fashioned goody!

This recipe is a great alternative to regular corn, which I would eat every night if my husband allowed me! The only thing that I changed was that I used 1 can cream corn and 1 can regular corn (scaled down the recipe). By adding regular corn, it had a “cornier” texture, as opposed to just creamy.


15.25 oz. can whole kernel corn, drained (I used white)
14.75 oz. can cream style corn (again, I used white)
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