These blue-eyed black twins attracted thousands of internet users 8 years ago, here’s what they look like today

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These blue-eyed black twins attracted thousands of internet users 8 years ago, here's what they look like today

These blue-eyed black twins attracted thousands of internet users 8 years ago, here’s what they look like today!

It is certainly difficult to believe that the progeny of an Afro-American couple would turn out to be blue-eyed with brown skin. This is exactly what their twins turned out to be … well, almost. One of the twins, Megan has two blue eyes, while the other, Morgan, has one blue eye and one dark brown eye!

The blue eyes of the twins were not out of the blue; they were handed down to them. Their mother and grandfather have two blue eyes, while one of their uncles and a great grand aunt had one blue and one brown eye. The latter may appear abnormal, but according to an eye specialist, they are perfectly fine.

Following the publication of their photos on the networks, the mom’s Instagram account now has nearly 126,000 followers fascinated by the photos of the little girls. Real little internet stars, Megan and Morgan Boyd already attract the covetousness of clothing brands thanks to their innate talent in modeling. Neon Kisses, a brand of women’s and children’s clothing, will have the chance to benefit from the girls’ popularity by hiring them as models. Indeed, the two 8 years old twins love to pose in front of the lens!

Skin color, body type, clothing style, the Boyd sisters are almost identical with one exception: Morgan has one blue eye and one brown eye. Indeed, both little girls inherited their mother Stephanie’s ice blue eyes, but Morgan suffers from a particular condition called heterochromia, which explains the difference in color between her two eyes.

According to the Canadian Medical Journal Association, heterochromia is an uncommon condition in humans, it usually affects more animals such as cats, dogs and horses of certain breeds. Generally harmless and benign, it is characterized only by a different coloration of the iris in the affected individual. Indeed, the color of the iris is determined by the amount of melanin it contains, and this amount as well as its concentration generally depend on genetic and physiological factors.

Far from being a handicap, this condition is shared by some of Hollywood’s most famous stars. Kate Bosworth, Jane Seymour and Robert Downey Jr. are among them, which only confirms the incredible potential of the little Morgan.

The Boyd sisters are no exception to this phenomenon, as explained by Beautiful Trends Today magazine, their presence on the networks has attracted the attention of thousands of fans, and especially that of celebrities who have not hesitated to share the photo of the girls with their communities. In fact, their mother says that her daughters are constantly approached in the street by fans eager to see for themselves these network stars with such deep blue eyes, but she does her best to protect them by setting essential boundaries that she does not let anyone cross.

Far from being victims of their success, these little girls are not at all impressed by fame, quite the contrary. Their mom, as well as their aunt Ebony Morris, say that the twins have always loved being in the spotlight. Indeed, their photos show an ease in front of the camera that only reinforces the admiration of their fans!