This Cake Is So Good It Must Be Illegal!

Flip it!

I’ve always liked pears over apples, but for some reason I hadn’t really baked anything with pears. It was always the usual apple pies and apple cakes, and I guess I didn’t even think of making a pear cake before.
But that all changed when I my mother tried a new recipe. You see, mom had baked this beautiful cake that immediately made my mouth water, just looking at it. I actually thought I was looking at an apple cake, and I was expecting it to be the traditional recipe my mother always makes. I was surprised to see it was a pear cake instead.

And not just a pear cake, actually! This one has almonds in it, too. I am crazy about almonds, too, so there was no way I could just walk away from this recipe!

She served this with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and it was heavenly! You won’t believe how fast we gobbled up the whole cake, and I’m already planning on making this again over the holidays. Probably two of them, so that everyone can get seconds!

I may not go back to my apple cake recipes, ever again. Seriously, this cake is THAT good. And those caramelized pears? They are so yummy, I might just have them for breakfast tomorrow morning!

So if you don’t feel like baking a whole cake today, at least make the pears and serve them with ice cream. Dee-licious! You’ll get about 8 servings from this recipe, but I have to be honest with you – I ate two slices right off the bat! You may like to be prepared for this to disappear super fast!


10 tbsp Land O Lakes unsalted butter, softened

1/2 cup caster sugar
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