Those Pretzel Things ( Pecan Rollo Bites)

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I got this recipe from a girl I used to work with – after one bite I had to know how to make these! Now my family and friends have nicknamed them “crack” because you just can’t stop munching on them. I use the butter snap pretzels made by Snyder – they are shaped like square checkerboards and are perfect for this candy. These make great gifts 🙂

I can’t have sugar, so I tried this recipe with Russel Stovers Sugar Free Carmel Drops and they were great. I took them to a party last night and they were the first things gone. Thanks!!!

These are so good! I made them with the square Dove chocolate caramel candies and Snyder’s Snap (square) pretzels to take to a Memorial day BBQ. Of course we had to sample a few. 🙂 Just to know, a bag of Snap pretzels is more than enough for 2 (9.5 oz) bags of Dove squares, and I got about 50 or so. I could’ve probably used about 3 bags of Dove candies. My husband suggested Peanut butter Dove candies, sandwiched between two pretzel snaps – I might try that next time! Thanks for the idea!

Love these. I place parchment paper on the cookie sheet before baking. Also, for a major time saving tip: buy the Rollo bars in the candy isle rather than in a bag so you don’t have to unwrap each Rollo individually (there are 8 candies per bar, so buy as needed).

This is exactly the recipe that my MIL made one Christmas and passed on to my husband and myself. I still can’t believe how fabulous they are given how ridiculously simple they are! We always use square pretzels for bases (just easier in our opinion) and they take about five minutes to soften in our oven. They do get a little tedious to build but it’s so worth it in the end – your patience will be rewarded! If you can’t find Rolos (only one store in our area has them!) you might try using Hershey’s Kisses with caramel, they’re pretty close to the same thing, though I would guess that they’d melt a little bit faster than Rolos.

I make these with chocolate-covered mini pretzels and everyone loves them. It’s true that unwrapping the Rolo candy is the hardest part of the preparation, in other words, easy-peasy!

Ingredients :

50 small pretzel twists
50 pieces rollo candies
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