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These were really yummy and super easy. I wasn’t able to find the salad kit so I just made my own taco ranch and made a mix of my own cheese. I liked the idea of using the dressing on the chicken was a nice change of pace to the normal taco seasoning and the bowls were super easy to make and looked so cute.

I didn’t have a single problem with this recipe. I will say I DID worry about making the tortilla bowls but it turned out just fine without a hitch. Because I do NOT buy pre-packaged kits, I made my own taco salad bar with seasoned taco meat, shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, salsa, sour cream, cheese, olives, onions and a bag of corn chips. We all enjoyed making our own salads and it was a nice family dinner. I’d make this again–four stars on the recipe’s direction on how to make taco salad bowls without deep frying.


Go light on the filling otherwise you won’t have space for the second layer shell. I had to add a small square to the middle of the cup to create a second layer… but not enough of the edge to give more ‘crunch’ … good stuff… also used guacamole:-)!

I added a couple tablespoons of spicy nacho cheese to the meat mixture. My family loved the change!!

We make it with chicken fajita mix instead, make them more like enchilada cups. Super tasty still.

Super good,you should make this when you have left over taco meat and cheese


1 lb of browned and drained lean ground beef.
1 envelope (3 tbsps) of taco seasoning.
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