Two Minute Hawaiian Punch Pie

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Hawaiian Punch Pie

A little history on this delicious pie before I give you the recipe: when I was a teenager I went to a friend’s house and his mother presented me with a slice of this pie. I have a super sweet-tooth and I have never encountered any dessert that’s too rich for me; most are not sweet enough, and I was delighted to taste this pie because it was sweet, and oh so good! I got the recipe from her, and I’ve made it ever since. (Damn: That means I’ve been making this pie for over 40 years now! Lord, I’m getting old!)

She called it “Hawaiian Punch Pie,” because it was made with Hawaiian Punch. Now I don’t know if this was her own recipe, or if she got it from somebody else, or if Hawaiian Punch provided it way back then…I have no clue as to the provenance of this tasty treat, and if you Google “Hawaiian Punch Pie” now you will not find anything resembling the following recipe.

The key is a can of frozen juice concentrate. It doesn’t have to be Hawaiian Punch, although that makes a tasty pie. I just used a can of Minute Maid raspberry lemonade frozen juice concentrate and that is to die for. You could use lime, or peach, or any other flavor frozen juice concentrate. Experiment.

The following recipe makes 2 pies.

You’ll need for Hawaiian Punch Pie:

bowl large enough to mix all of the ingredients in and allow sufficient room for blending, folding, and vigorous stirring.

small rubber spatula.

premade 6 ounce graham cracker crusts, such as Keebler’s Ready Crust. These will come in a foil pie tin with a plastic cover. I prefer the plain graham cracker crust, but chocolate is also available. You could make your own, but why? This is an easy recipe, remember?

14 ounce can of Eagle Brand milk.

8 ounce container of Cool Whip – thawed.

12 ounce can of frozen juice concentrate – thawed.


Remove the plastic covers from the pie shells.

Using the rubber spatula to help you thoroughly remove the ingredients from their cans dump the whole can of Eagle Brand milk, the entire 8 ounce container of Cool Whip and the entire can of juice concentrate, undiluted, (do NOT add water to the juice concentrate!) into the bowl.

Using the same rubber spatula fold and blend the ingredients together enough so that you can begin to stir them to mix thoroughly. Stir vigorously…you want the ingredients to be very, very thoroughly mixed or else the pie tends to weep when you cut it.

Keep stirring until the ingredients are totally and completely mixed…you should have a mixture that is by now all one pale color, that color being a pale tint of whatever juice concentrate you’ve selected. If you can see even a streak of the Eagle Brand Milk, or the Cool Whip, stir some more!

Pour the mixture evenly into each of the 2 pie shells, using the same rubber spatula to completely remove the pie mixture from the bowl.

Cover each pie with the plastic cover and refrigerate for at least two hours. I guess you could freeze them, too, but I don’t like them frozen. Experiment if you like.

The pies will not be firmly set, even when refrigerated for a couple of days. That’s part of the appeal. They are so smooth and creamy…and SWEET! Did I mention, “SWEET?!”

There it is. Super easy and simple and very, very good!

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