Waiter Served A Group Of Teens And Only Got A $3.28 Tip. Days Later, This Note Shows Up

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“When you work hard and don’t get the appropriate pay you deserve, it can be very frustrating, especially to a waiter who relies on tips.”

We all know someone who works or used to work as a waiter, heck most of us did it too. So we know how important it is to get an adequate tip. There’s nothing more frustrating than working your tail off to serve someone and then finding out they only tipped you like 3%. You start questioning your work, wondering if you did something to offend them or maybe you just suck at your job? Well, this next story will take you back to these days with a twist.

Servers in America often rely on their tips to supplement a low salary. While many may argue that it’s the restaurant’s responsibility to pay their servers more money, and not put the burden of filling that monetary gap on restaurant patrons, this practice still remains the norm in many American cities. Servers will pick up extra shifts or work at least a second job in order to make ends meet.

A group of 13-year-olds wanted to celebrate their homecoming by going out to a nice restaurant. Kids will be kids and after they had a great time laughing and smiling all around, they left the establishment without leaving the appropriate tip to their waiter.

So when this happened to our young waiter who did his best to keep the group of teens satisfied only to find out at the end they left him a measly $3.28 tip

But the next day, he received this letter: