Work From Home Scams

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The ad says you can make lots of money working from the comfort of your home. But if this were true, wouldn’t we all be working at home?

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Know who you’re dealing with. The company may not be offering to employ you directly, only to sell you training and materials and to find customers for your work.

Don’t believe that you can make big profits easily. Operating a home-based business is just like any other business—it requires hard work, skill, good products or services, and time to make a profit.

Get all the details before you pay. A legitimate company will be happy to give you information about exactly what you will be doing and for whom.

Find out if there is really a market for your work. Claims that there are customers for work such as medical billing and craft making may not be true. If the company says it has customers waiting, ask who they are and contact them to confirm. You can also ask likely customers in your area (such as doctors for medical billing services) if they actually employ people to do that work from home.

Get references for other people who are doing the work. Ask them if the company kept its promises.

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