You’ll Never Need Another Recipe For Green Beans Again

Flip it!

I Wouldn’t Mind Having These For Every Meal, For The Rest Of The Year!

Good morning, everyone! Today I am going to teach you how to add more flavor and texture to your green beans.

I know that green beans are generally boring but not the way we are going to prepare them. These here are fancy green beans, y’all! You’ll be adding a few extra ingredients to make these really special! And guess what else! Your picky eaters will gobble up these green beans like nobody’s business. I know my children absolutely adore them.

The first time I made these green beans I didn’t have any blue cheese on hand so I shredded up some Vermont white cheddar and it worked just fine. Use what’s in your kitchen!

These green beans are great for the holiday table, especially when you and your family are sick of eating green bean casserole. Normally, nobody gets sick of green bean casserole, though. In case you do, make these wonderful fancy green beans and enjoy!

When it comes to veggies I like to get creative and add seasonings and spices to them in order to give them a little kick of flavor.
Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy eating steamed vegetables all on their own but sometimes a girl needs to add something other than butter. These fancy green beans are truly a treat to all who eat them. The flavor is robust and they pair well with just about any meal. I not only make these for special occasions but also for a family, weeknight meal.


1 lb green beans
3 slices turkey bacon
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