You’re not fat, your stomach is just swollen. Here’s how to get rid of that bloated belly

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You're not fat, your stomach is just swollen. Here's how to get rid of that bloated belly
You're not fat, your stomach is just swollen. Here's how to get rid of that bloated belly

A bloated stomach feels tight, full and often painful. You might feel bloated even if you don’t have a distended abdomen. Bloating is usually a digestive issue, though hormones and stress also play a part. Sometimes there is an underlying medical condition.

Water plays an important role in our health, in fact it makes up over 60% of our body. Water maintains the fluid balance in our body, improves our health, brain activity and even helps to burn fat! Never ignore all these useful properties of water, because a water deficit disturbs the normal vital functions of our body. But how can water help to burn excess fat in the body?

The latest scientific research has proven that water has a direct impact on our metabolism and weight loss. You need to drink more than 2 liters of water a day to accelerate the fat burning process by 30%.

Below are tips to help you drink more water throughout the day to give your body energy, vitality, and help you burn fat better and more.

Tips for drinking more water:

1. When you wake up, drink a glass of warm water with lemon. This will help kick-start all of your body’s metabolic processes.
2. Drink a glass of water 20 minutes before a meal. This will greatly reduce your appetite and make you eat less food.
3. Buy a water bottle and put it on your desk or within reach at home. This will help you remember to drink water throughout the day.
4. You can add lime slices and ginger to your water because these foods increase calorie removal.
5. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day.
6. Eat more vegetables and fruits to hydrate your body, they are rich in water, fiber, and protein.
7. Remember to restore your water balance after drinking coffee and tea.
8. Drink a glass of water after each trip to the bathroom to restore the water balance in your body.
9. Use mobile apps that remind you to drink water, and eat a healthy, balanced diet.

Follow these tips until drinking water regularly becomes a routine. It will go a long way toward helping you lose weight, boost your metabolism, and improve your health.

Here are the benefits of drinking water regularly and daily:

Increases weight loss: water has an appetite suppressant effect, in fact, according to a study done by Dr. Brenda Davy at Virginia Tech University in the United States, people who drink at least two glasses of water 30 minutes before meals are more likely to lose weight faster.

Gives you energy: water stimulates the metabolism and therefore, the body enjoys more energy to carry out its activities, it also leads to eliminate the feeling of fatigue.

Eliminates toxins: water is very important to hydrate the body’s organs and ensure their proper functioning, such as the liver, which is responsible for eliminating toxins.

Improves your immune system: Drinking plenty of water helps the immune system to work at its best, thanks to the body’s good hydration.

Gives your skin a radiant complexion and eliminates skin problems: a well-hydrated body is a healthy and nourished skin, this will help you prevent several skin problems in the future such as irritations due to dry skin, pronounced wrinkles, etc.

Increases the renal function: drinking water in sufficient quantity allows to dilute the urine thanks to the kidneys which regulate the quantity of water in the body, which prevents the formation of urinary stones or urinary infection.

Prevents muscle tension and cramps: drinking plenty of water prevents muscle cramps, especially mineral water during physical activities.

Make you feel better overall: a well-hydrated body means good health.

Of course, drinking only water will not do all the work for your weight loss. It is essential to eat a healthy, balanced, low-calorie diet and be physically active for at least 30 minutes a day.