You’ve Been Using Ketchup Cups Wrong

Flip it!

How did I not know this? Far too many times to count, I’ve ordered my food at McDonald’s and Burger King to turn around and walk over to the ketchup dispenser. The little cups they provide are so small I needed to grab 3 to 5 little containers and bring them back to my table. The main annoyance is that I would dip my fries in the cups, but after about 10 fries, there wouldn’t be much ketchup left. And the ketchup at the bottom would be hard to get to so I’d squeeze the bottom of the cup making a mess at my table.

Then I saw this video by everyone’s favorite Russian hacker who explains that most of these cups are expandable. Simply by pulling the sides of the cups, they will expand to hold three times the amount of ketchup. One thing I take issue with in the video is that he fills up three ketchup cups but he could have simply just expanded one cup and pour the ketchup using just one cup and not wasting two. I guess he did it just for demonstration purposes. This is a great little tip to remember the next time you’re at McDonald’s or any other restaurant. Check out the video below:

From: TipHero