7 Alternative Uses for Sponges You’ve Never Tried Before

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Make DIY ice packs:

Here’s a tip that’s just in time for summer! With just a sponge and a plastic zip-top baggie, you can make your own lasting ice packs for a fraction of the price of a store-bought one.

All you need to do is completely soak your sponge in water, then place it in a plastic baggie. Be sure to squeeze all of the air out of the baggie, then seal it up. Stick in the freezer until frozen, and voila! DIY ice pack.

Use smaller sponges to make the kind of packs you need for injuries or headaches. Cut up larger sponges and follow the same method to make DIY cooler packs for your picnics and camping trips. Much better than melting ice that’ll just soak your food and drinks in slushy water.

Smart! The Crazy Russian Hacker isn’t only transforming sponges into other useful items; he’s also adapting them to make using them for their more traditional purpose even easier and more hygienic. No more difficult-to-use, oddly-shaped, or germ-infested sponges for us.

To see the two above hacks in action, plus to learn the ways the Crazy Russian Hacker has figured out to dry out, disinfect, and adapt sponges for cleaning oddly-shaped jars, be sure to give a look at the video next page.

Source :tipehero.com