About Your Instant Pot: How To Use All The Buttons

Flip it!

Rice and Multigrain

Using the Rice and Multigrain buttons are similar to Porridge and Steam. If you’re cooking white rice, you can simply press the Rice button. It’s automatic, no need for the Plus or Minus buttons. If you’re cooking brown rice or wild rice, though, you’ll need to press the Multigrain button. Rice cooked using the Multigrain button will end up al dente if you use the Less mode and will be extra soft if you use the More mode.


Saute works just like sauteing in a pan. It browns meats and can precook vegetables to enhance their flavors in soups, stews and chilis. You can also use it to thicken sauces by using the Less mode or stir fry by using the More mode.


When making yogurt, you don’t just hit the corresponding button and walk away. First, you’ll need to pasteurize the milk by pressing Yogurt to the More mode. Then, press the Yogurt button to ferment the milk. Only press Yogurt and the Minus button if you want to make Jiuniang.

Slow Cook

If you didn’t already guess, this basically slowly cooks whatever you put in your pot. Slow cooking can make meat more tender or give foods time to cook while you’re at work.

For the best results, after pressing the Slow Cook button, put it on Less mode for warm heat or More mode for high heat, according to your recipe. Just pressing the Slow Cook button will give you a low heat setting that is comparable to the Low setting on a slow cooker.

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