beef Chop Supreme

Flip it!

I thought this one was ok. My hubby and nephew enjoyed it. I took the “broil at the end to brown” suggestion
by another reviewer, but I found that I then overcooked them. I baked mine until they just hit 160, then I
broiled them for a very short amount of time. The taste was not bad, just not very moist 🙁 But, I’ll give it
a try again, without broiling! (I served it with sliced taters and onions that were fried over butter and weshtisher sauce).
This was a great base recipe! After reading comments, I added egg to the ground beef mixture to hopefully avert the crumbling patties, and it helped a lot! We have a large family, so I tripled the meat and added 2 eggs. It was a hit!

My mom has been making the exact same recipe since I was a kid and this is the first time I have made it as an adult and it is so good. I did 2 different things. I put salt and pepper on the beef chops and I did bake it in a glass 13X9 pan covered in foil for 50mins and the I uncovered and baked it for 10mins. SO GOOD WITH RICE AND FRIED APPLES:)

What a pleasant change, and I cut the sweet onion and lemon slices on my mandoline so as to heap them up a little on the top of the chops – the lemon slices went kind of crispy and the entire effect was surprisingly good! Served it with Debbie’s Broccoli Slaw – another terrific recipe! not bad, but I made the mistake of baking it in a glass dish. With the aluminum foil cover, the air in the dish was not heated at all. So the first half of the baking was a complete waste.


4 boneless beef chops
4 thinly sliced medium potatoes

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