Cowboy Pasta

Flip it!

Anything that has fire-roasted tomatoes, bacon and spice in it, may well be the worlds second most perfect food (pizza being number one). This looks like a relative of Cincinnati chili don’t ya think? Going to make this one too.

This recepie was the winner when my friend asked me to make a pasta salad… It did not disappoint… Amazing flavor and so beautiful and colorful… Oh and I should mention so easy to make

This sounds and looks delicious!! There are soooo many variations that can b used, added, changed or leave it just as it is!! I can’t wait to make this for this weekend!!
The perfect side for me would b serving nice, hot, fresh garlic bread! A glass (or 2 or 3) of wine would b delicious too!! Thanks so much for posting this recipe!!!

Being a vegetarian I had to replace meat … I used frozen peas (which worked beautifully). I also used a product called “Bacon Salt” which has no salt or bacon in it but for all the world adds the flavor of bacon. I swear by that product. So there are wonderful ways of skirting around personal issues and still being able to try wonderful recipes!

With bacon AND beer added, how could this be anything but absolutely delicious. Another incredible idea that I’ve never heard of, Meggan.

Sometimes I leave the onions raw and sprinkle them on at the end with the bacon and cheese, I guess like Cincinnati Chili.You’re truly putting Midwestern food on the map – at least for me!!


1 lb. Hamburger meat **(Beef)
2 cans Ranch Style Beans

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