Deep Fried Oreos®

Flip it!

So so so bad, yet so so so good. Love em. Just mix up some pancake batter with water until the consistency is enough to coat the cookie, you don’t need egg or milk. According to my kids, these were excellent and tasted just like the ones on the boardwalk.

They were okay. I had never heard of this before so I was excited to make it. My three year old loved them. My husband and I were not to impressed with them.So delicious! We made on a whim with a group of friends. Turned out great!

This was my first time making deep fried Oreos, and I liked them. It was a very fun and different treat. I’d experiment with other recipes next time though. This recipe is basically an Oreo in a pancake, which is not necessarily bad, but it’s not what I was envisioning.

i have this recipe and love it. i use bisquick instead of just any pancake mix…i find its alot better, & after the oreos are fried i sprinkle powdered sugar over them. Delicious!!!!


2 quarts vegetable oil for frying
1 large egg

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