Delicious Banana Drink

Flip it!

What a treat!! I used one of my frozen bananas, you know the ones when they get too ripe to eat but are perfect to freeze. Anyway, I used just regular whole milk and still used the 4 ice cubes. Absolutely perfect. I was sure I’d have to put a sweetner in it but, alas, it was perfect just as written. I’ll be making this a lot this summer for a perfect “milkshake”.
I had a very ripe banana, super sweet and flavorful, and this turned out very well. Breakfast today, but this would be a great mid-afternoon snack, as well.

I love how simple and delicious this recipe is! My son couldn’t get enough. I used whole milk instead of almond milk but that’s the only change I made. Can’t wait to make it again!
So refreshing and good. I used 2 tbsp of yogurt as well and a little less milk, like 2/3 cup instead of 3/4, as well as Pumpkin pie seasoning instead of cinnamon. Literally took me less than 5 minutes to make it.
This is a very simple recipe that seems like no recipe is needed. But it inspired me to make a treat for myself and it truly does fill the craving for a high-calorie alternative. It is healthy, couldn’t be easier, and anyone can add whatever in the way of natural flavors or fruit. The only change I made was to freeze my banana pieces before blending. Delish and feels so good in hot weather!


1 banana
1 orange

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