Gourmet Sweet Potato Classic

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Wow. I assembled this for Thanksgiving on Tuesday, traveled 7 hours Wednesday, baked and served it Thursday. It was fabulous. Having it prepared in advance helped me get the meal on the table all at once. And my father, who ‘compliments the chef’ but NEVER specifically points out a dish told me to give my mother the recipe!! My husband loved the pecans. Both said it was not too sweet as many sweet potato casseroles can be.

Excellent recipe, followed other users suggestions and added less sugar. I also used 2 big cans of yams instead of fresh potatoes (much less work) and replaced the cream with skim milk and I couldn’t imagine it being better!

A Thanksgiving dish that turned out fabulous! I normally don’t like sweet potatoes/yams at all, but these were very good. My husband says that we need to have this every Thanksgiving from now on. I halved the sugars as many people suggested and I really can’t imagine it with more sugar. I also reduced the amount of butter by half. Just a wonderful tasting dish.

Yummy recipe. My grocer only had potatoes that looked over a year old, so I used canned. After about 40 min. cook time, the topping still looked a little mushy, so I decided to put it under the broiler. I then made the foolish mistake of turning around to find someone to carve my turkey!! Needless to say, I had to scrape off the burnt topping! Oh well, everyone still loved them.

THIS WAS FABULOUS. I normally hate sweet potatoes and I loved this dish. My entire family could not stop talking about how great it was. No one ever ate the candied Yams that we usualy had every year, but every person at the table (adults and kids) loved this casserole! It will now be part of all of our future Thanksgiving meals.

Very good, many compliments. Just allow yourself more than 35 minutes for the sweet potatoes to cook. I cut it down to the last minute and had to figure out an alternate method when I couldn’t mash them AT ALL!
hubby thinks its a dessert, he loves it so much that he requests it every chance he gets 🙂

I’ve tried a lot of sweet potato casseroles, and this is by far the best. No lumps, no strings, no greasiness – just a yummy sweet topping and smooth, creamy potatoes underneath. I found that the 35 minute baking time didn’t quite do the trick, so I cut the potatoes into chunks and microwaved for 10 minutes (50% power) until softened. This will be my sweet potato recipe from now on.


5 sweet potatoes
1/4 teaspoon salt

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