Healthy Holiday Cookies, Vegan & Gluten-Free

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I think this is a very good recipe. Followed it exactly. I think next time I will add some dairy free chocolate chips. Great flavor, soft cookie

Didn’t add the dates or raisins to be 100% sugar-free (tones of sugar in dried fruit), but they turned out wonderful!

Delicious and have a very nice texture! They get chewy the next day and have a yummy peanut butter flavor. Super easy to make as well. Thank you for this vegan recipe with no processed sugar!

Don’t know if I made them correctly but very hard to process. Only had a mini processor, which may be the reason. Had trouble getting the blade to turn-had to add more almond milk. Very thick, sticky dough and messy to clean up. Cookies turned out tasty, but very soft.

I don’t normally rate things, but this is awesome. It’s really soft, and the dates add the perfect amount of sweetness. Plus it’s flavor packed with peanut butter which amazing too. Love it.


Dry ingredients
½ cup rolled oats
½ cup LIVfit Superfood
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