Homemade Crispy bread rolls

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Make it at Home Crispy bread rolls

Bread Rolls are the PERFECT yeast bread to serve on the weekend because they’re warm and fluffy on the inside, crusty on the outside, and incredibly easy to make!

These rolls have a delicious crackly/crunchy crust, partly the result of allowing them to proof in the refrigerator, partly from an egg white wash applied just prior to baking.

Their texture is light and airy, rather than substantial, which makes them a wonderful mini-sandwich roll. Make them slightly larger, and they’re perfect for hamburgers or grilled sausage. Or serve them at breakfast, with butter and preserves, as they do in Europe.

Use your bread machine to make these Really Crusty Bread Rolls with soft and chewy interiors. The secret is in the cornstarch glaze.


  • 600 gr of flour
  • 350 gr of water
  • 15 gr of fine salt

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