How to Make Ciabatta Bread at Home

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How to Make Ciabatta Bread at Home
How to Make Ciabatta Bread at Home

Take five minutes today to make the starter, also called sponge, and tomorrow you can bake two loaves of this marvelous, slightly sour, rustic Italian bread that has a hearty crust.

This is probably the easiest ciabatta bread recipe you’ll come across. It is an 80% hydration bread which means it’s very wet and sticky.

Delicious Homemade Ciabatta Bread is not nearly as hard to make at home as you may think!

This is an Easy no Knead, One bowl Italian Ciabatta Bread. Two hours and you can have Homemade Bread for lunch or dinner. Makes the perfect Sandwich too!

This bread is very moist and loose, but only use as much additional flour as you need to be able to handle it without it sticking. Be sure to start your starter dough 8-12 hours ahead of when you want to make your bread.


For pool or fermentation:

  • 450g flour
  • 450ml of water
  • 7g fresh yeast

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