Secret to Making the Creamiest, Dreamiest Sweet Potatoes

Flip it!

I was a regular russet potato kind of girl when my husband introduced me to the wonders of sweet potatoes. Not only do I now find them a whole lot tastier, they’re also healthier for us! In fact, one small sweet potato has 262% of the daily value of vitamin A and 29% of the daily value of vitamin C. Sweet potatoes also have twice as much fiber as regular potatoes. They’re now a part of our weekly dinner routine, no matter what the main courses might be.

When I make sweet potatoes, I usually bake them in the oven (or cook them in the microwave if I’m strapped for time). But we recently discovered that there is a better way to cook them in order to make them creamier and more flavorful (without any added ingredients or condiments). It’s very simple – just throw them in the crock pot!

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