Flip it!

This dip was pretty good. It lacked a certain zip for our taste. Perhaps adding some mustard or Tabasco would be a good addition. Served with bagel chips and Ritz cheddar toasted chips. The Ritz were great with it!This dip was fantastic. I made it for my son’s birthday and everyone loved it! I did substitute tostitos though instead of the bagel chips and those worked out great.

Turn the fantastic flavors of a favorite sandwich into a delicious dip. Slow cooker preparation is perfect for parties.

When we’re having friends over I always gravitate towards easy to make recipes. Dishes that don’t involve a lot of time in the kitchen or the I can make or prep ahead of time and just cook when it’s time to eat. The point of having friends and family over is hanging out with them, not being stuck in the kitchen. Easy dip recipes like this Crock Pot Bacon Cheeseburger Dip are always on the menu. I can make the burger meat and bacon ahead of time and then throw everything in the slow cooker. Then a few hours later, we have the best bacon cheeseburger dip recipe for everyone to enjoy!

This bacon cheeseburger crock pot dip is my ultimate football snack. I can get it ready before the game starts and then by the time it’s done cooking 2-3 hours later we’re ready to eat! I’m on the west coast so our games start at 10 in the morning. If you are back East and your stomach can’t wait on the crock pot, don’t worry. You can bake this bacon cheeseburger dip in the oven and have it ready in 30 minutes! When I made it for my husband he couldn’t stop eating it. The first time we just stayed in the kitchen huddled around dip, not willing to leave it for too long. You can’t go wrong when you combine so many great game day foods into one scoop!


1 lb of lean ground beef or turkey

8 oz package of cream cheese, cubed

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