Turkey Salami and Cream Cheese Pickle Roll-ups

Flip it!

This is one of my favorites and it hails from my childhood. My grandma and great aunts made these around the holidays, and there were never any left over, which is always the sign of a good recipe. This one is a keeper!

Here’s a quick, great party pleaser I’ve made for years which has a lot of variability. It’s really simple and goes well with soft drinks at neighborhood or family gatherings.

The amount of roll ups you get depends on how thin you spread the cream cheese. I like a thick layer, so I always end up with fewer appetizers.

We LOVE these little babies! This has been my husband’s favorite appy for years. Every Superbowl, every New Year’s Eve, and many other occasions, these are always on our menu. I use soft cream cheese, and it helps to dry the salami off with paper towels for easier spreading. Then I always use the refrigerated Claussen dill pickles. OH YUMMY! I think I better make them soon!

I turned this into a dip we serve with firm crackers like wheat thins. Chop 1/2 lb dried beef, from deli only, add 8oz sofftened cream cheese and 3/4 cup or so of sour cream. Stir in chopped baby dill pickles. I keep adding the pickles until I get the amount my family likes which is lots. Tasty and easier than doing the rollups!


12 to 16 slices of Turkey salami (cut a medium thickness)
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