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If You’ve Ever Had A Churro Funnel Cake From Disneyland, You Know Why It’s A Favorite Treat! It’s Made From Deep Fried Funnel Cake, Coated In Cinnamon Sugar, Drizzled With Caramel Sauce, And Topped With Whipped Cream.

When I saw that Disneyland started serving up churro funnel cakes I knew that this was the kind of goodness I needed to make at home. Instead of just making a regular funnel cake and dipping it in cinnamon-sugar, I’ve taken a traditional funnel cake batter and swirled it up, topping it with the same deliciousness served at Disneyland: whipped cream and caramel.

This decadent treat is super easy to make and makes such a fun dessert. This should hold me over until I make my next trip to Disneyland. We had annual passes and went almost every week for two years. Now it’s been almost that long since we’ve been! Yikes! I’m already gearing up for a trip this fall.


1 c sugar
1/2 c cinnamon
2 eggs
1 1/2 c milk

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