Remove Paint from Carpet

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Remove Paint from Carpet

From muddy boots to spilled drinks, your carpet undergoes a great deal of wear and tear. That said, in the case of splattered paint, you might assume your carpeting has finally met its match. Maybe, but not always. You may be able to rescue your carpet with nothing more than water, soap, and elbow grease. Here’s how.

Ways to Remove Paint from Carpet

Carpet cleaning doesn’t have to be a tedious chore, even if you are cleaning up spilled paint. The key is to use the proper technique and carpet cleaner for the job. We’ll show you how to remove both wet and dry paint in a few easy steps.

Preparing Fresh and Dry Paint Stains for Removal

Before you remove dried paint from carpet or fresh, wet paint, it’s important to perform steps to prepare the stain for cleaning. Otherwise, removing the stain becomes a bigger job than is necessary.

To remove fresh paint, begin by using a paper towel to blot up as much excess paint goo as possible. Continue using fresh paper towels until most of the wet paint is gone.

Get a clean rag wet with warm water and dab at the spot to remove more of the stain, making sure not to push it outward.

To loosen up dried paint, use the edge of a putty knife or razor blade to scrape away bits of the stain from the carpeting gently. To remove large clumps of dry paint, try using needle-nose pliers to pull up the hardened bits.

Scoop up the pieces of dry paint and discard them as you work the stain away. Dry vacuum the area once you are finished.

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